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Summer Ten's Series

September sees the return of rugby to the South Sound pitch after the summer break for a 3 weekend series of 10s rugby. Competing this year were the Krys Global Buccaneers, DHL Storm, Queensgate Pigs Trotters and John Doak Iguanas.

Week 1:
The Storm were absent week 1 being away on their annual tour, so only the Iguanas, Pigs and Buccs had matches this week. In game 1, the Buccs managed a slender victory of the Iguanas winning by just a single try. Game 2 saw the Pigs and Buccs score 1 try each in the opening half, before the Buccs pulled ahead through a very well executed cross field kick by Mariano Marco to winger Joel Clarke. A final try on full time as the Pigs lost control trying to run from their own 22 resulting in the biggest win of the weekend 21-5 to the Buccs. The Pigs and Iguanas lined up for Game 3, both teams desperate to get some points from the weekends efforts. A very tight game with Tom Mann looking dangerous every time he saw the ball, but the final whistle went with the Pigs leading 12-7. Series standings after week 1: Buccs (6), Pigs (3), Iguanas (0), Storm (0).

Week 2:
The storm returned from tour this week, so all games v the storm were worth double points. The Iguanas got their 10s campaign on track with a victory over the Pigs Trotters in game 1 of the day in a very tightly contested game. They could not however keep it up and followed it up by losses to the Buccaneers and the Storm. The Storm could not take advantage of the double points on offer against either the Buccs and Pigs so ended the day with just the single victory over the Iguanas. The Pigs managed to take the win against the Buccaneers scoring 3 quick tries. A last 5-minute fight back from the Buccs saw them get to within 5 points, but the Pigs managed to hang on till the final whistle. Series standings after week 2: Buccs (15), Pigs (12), Storm (6), Iguanas (3).

Week 3:
This week had the setup of a final, the last game of the day would be the Buccs v Pigs, and if both teams won their preceding games it would be a winner take all final match to decide the series. In the early games the Pigs had an emphatic win over a depleted Iguanas squad and followed up with a close fought win over the Storm. The Buccaneers also took their early games with big wins over both the Storm and the Iguanas. The final game of the day came down to the Pigs and Buccaneers, having each won a game against each other in the series. The Buccaneers took the lead early on and used their larger players to hammer the younger, faster Pigs squad. Dan Bond and Severi doing an impressive demolition job in the close exchanges and Jon Murphy doing the damage in the centers. The final whistle saw the Buccs win by 4 tries to nothing and take home the trophy.

Final Series Standings: Krys Global Buccaneers (24), Queensgate Pigs Trotters (18), DHL Storm (9), John Doak Iguanas (3)

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